The missing market: How home retailers can better meet the needs of over 50s consumers

Cover the missing market

This report, published by Centre for Ageing Better, explores the gaps and opportunities related to meeting over 50s consumers’ needs for inclusive products.

While aimed at retailers, it also provides recommendations for manufacturers and designers, as well as those responsible for developing and managing homes, such as social housing providers and landlords.

The report has identified several potential ways to stimulate the market and enable retailers to better meet the diverse needs of the valuable over 50s consumer market:

  • Expand your range of inclusive home products, fixtures and fittings
  • Gather more detailed consumer insights from amongst over 50s consumers
  • Consider the diverse needs of over 50s shoppers throughout the customer journey
  • Help over 50s consumers consider and identify their current and future needs
  • Make inclusive design a selling point of products
  • Bridge gaps between the online and offline customer journey

Recommendations for others include:

  • Manufacturers and product designers need to work more closely with consumers of all ages and abilities
  • Independent product reviewers should include wider criteria such as inclusivity, ease of use, and suitability to help inform product choice.
  • Training for professionals involved in home design such as home improvement agencies, architects, tradespeople and interior designers - should include guidance on how to advise people on what kinds of home products, fixtures and fittings could support them as they age and if their needs change.

This report is based on research with consumers involving a small-scale survey, in-home visits, accompanied shopping visits, focus groups and national polling.